Here, we are, The story of Pere and Margherite.

By chance, one evening of some years ago, a friend announces us she wants to get married and to submit the catering to us. Up to that moment we had organized only suppers, lunches and various forms of culinary entertainment only for few friends, for the pleasure to share a little time in good company tasting food cooked with love and greatest care, waited on in the shade of a garden or, even, in the warm before a fireplace.  We looked at one another with incredulity, a bit frightened, but with a sparkling in our eyes that revealed that pinch of madness useful to realize it's time to run the risk.

So, we three: Sandro, Carlo and Graziano have given birth to Pere e Margherite.  Don't ask us explanations about the name, we don't even know, we just liked the sound of the words and even more we liked to create the logo that represents us, formed by pears (pere) and daisies (margherite). From that evening on we have begun our adventure, source of satisfactions, appointments and fun, because this is the main reason that pushes us to take care of our clients. Through the refinement and the genuineness of the kitchen (Sandro), through the choice of the simple and refined details that furnish tables and environments (Carlo), through the care and the reliability with which we coordinate and organize our work (Graziano), we try to transform our clients and their moments into something special to remember. 

We look for, in our way, to participate and to share some fragment of happiness with who choose to do it with us. Therefore, it ' s happiness, the cement that keeps the group of Pere and Margherite together, also lived by the people who have just been in contact with us. Ladies that have given and continue to offer their professionalism, liking and cheerfulness, for the pleasure of our guests.

We thank Michela for her sensibility.